3D Street Painting – Chalk Art by award winning Artist Melanie Stimmell
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Melanie Stimmell – Maestra Madonnara

Marketing Tool of Modern Business
Melanie’s masterful 3D chalk paintings bring your brand to life and create a unique interactive experience for your audience…And, to connect and create new customers for you worldwide, Melanie offers Live Streaming of her entire street painting performance.

– Give Your Corporation An Edge
Commission Melanie Stimmell Van Latum for your Corporate or Private event anywhere in the world.

International 3D Street Painter and Fine Artist
Speciailizing in Large Scale Collaborative Projects and
Renaissance Artistry

Reinventing the Corporate World with Cutting Edge Marketing

3D Street Painting Masterpieces and Permanent Art
For Corporations – Organizations – Private Individuals
For Events, Festivals, Tradeshows, Permanent Display
For Advertising Campaigns, Corporate Art Collections
For Entrance, Lobby, Office



3D Street Painting (Soft Pastel on Asphalt)
Permanent Art
Chalk Painting Workshops for Children and Adults
Live Streaming/Time Lapse Video

Commercial Venues

Asphalt 3D Street Painting or Permanent Art on Canvas
Consulting and Prep work
Artist recruitment (if necessary)
Chalk painting workshop or Team Building Sessions
Audience interaction and Promotion of your brand
Augmented Reality
Available for Press interviews & Photos


3D Street Painting 
Consulting and prep work
Artist recruitment (if necessary)
One-hour chalk painting workshop for children or adults
CD of 3D street painting progress & finish
Available for Press interviews & Photos

Moving Renaissance Artistry into the Future

Melanie Stimmell Van Latum is Creative Director and C0-Founder of We Talk Chalk, an international Street Painting Company offering 3D Street Painting and Visual Marketing Solutions to clients all over the world.  Melanie founded the Street Painting Society and created the Street Painting Academy. Through these organizations, Melanie celebrates the art of street painting and ensures that this unique artistic expression continues into the next generation. The Street Painting Society is an international community for street painters and fans of the long-time art form that originated in 16th century Italy. The Street Painting Academy introduces children to the magic of artistic expression and offers them the techniques to bring Renaissance art to life in a new age.

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