3D Street Painting – Chalk Art by award winning Artist Melanie Stimmell


A Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and the only female street painter to win the title of Maestro in both Italy and Germany, Melanie specializes in bringing old master’s Renaissance artistry to the modern vision of her clients worldwide. She has painted and worked with clients in Turkey, Holland, Canada, Italy, Germany, The UK, France, and throughout the U.S. and most recently won street paintings highest honor: The Maestro Gold Medal in the 38th annual Incontro Nazionale Madonnari Competition in Italy. Through dramatic performance art, image advertising campaigns in print, tv, web, and corporate art collections, Melanie’s chalk painting masterpieces will transform your space into a captivating visual wonderland.

Street Painting for your event

Working with you to design an original concept for your company or event, she will deliver an unbelievable opportunity for your audience or customers to witness a masterpiece in the making and give them an experience they will never forget. Whether you choose a traditional street painting on asphalt or a piece created on canvas for maximum versatility, her timeless figures will come alive and bewitch the crowd. If you are interested in something more permanent, a canvas street painting is a wonderful option. Melanie’s canvas works are fixed to the ground or floor during their creation and give you a permanent fine art piece for your corporate or private collection. Display your street painting at the entrance of your next occasion, on the wall in your lobby, or even mounted on the ceiling of your office.

“Melanie is a modern day Leonardo da Vinci. Her imagination and wild ability to paint and illustrate can bring extraordinary drama and appeal to any communications campaign.” -Vicki Prentice

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