3D Street Painting – Chalk Art by award winning Artist Melanie Stimmell

Melanie Stimmell Van Latum

Melanie’s Mission

Melanie Stimmell Van Latum is a ‘maestra madonnara’ (master street painter) – the only woman ever to hold this prestigious title in two countries (Italy and Germany). She has worked with clients in Turkey, Holland, France, The Netherlands Antilles, Thailand, Israel, Canada, and throughout the US. Leading corporations and top ad agencies are always thrilled to have the expertise of a Renaissance ‘maestro’ working to present them in the most favorable light in the modern corporate world. The smart executive realizes that embracing artistic talent and encouraging creativity can work as well for a modern company as it did in Michelangelo’s time. Melanie can create temporary art or permanent pieces that reflect the true essence of a company.
Street painting has always been used as a marketing tool and method of fundraising. The earliest known street painters would create images of the Madonna and Child on streets outside Italy’s cathedrals and churches. The painters used their soft pastels on the streets of Italy to create beauty and raise money to cover their basic needs.

Revitalizing Corporations with Renaissance Artistry
Why Corporations Choose Melanie’s 3D Street Painting

Top 10 Reasons for Corporations to Commission 3-D Street Painting and Fine Art

1. Promote any aspect of your business – from your newest product to your latest service.
2. Create a temporary 3D street painting as an advertisement.
3. Commission a permanent piece to promote your company.
4. Add Renaissance art to your corporate art collection.
5. Draw spectators to the 3D street painting event and your business.
6. Be seen as an innovative company who embraces new ideas.
7. Associate yourself with versatility – ever-changing, finding new ways, moving towards the future.
8. Show your appreciation for the arts. A successful company wants to seen in a positive light.
9. Benefit from the publicity. Melanie is available for interviews about each project.
10. Continue to benefit from the publicity. Melanie offers ‘Live Streaming’*(web, video, photography) of every event.

Who Is Melanie Stimmell Van Latum?

Born and raised in LA
Earned her BFA in illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA
Earned a Masters in Drawing and Painting from Cal State Fullerton
Lead Technical Director for the feature film ‘South Park’…Bigger, Longer, and Uncut’
Worked on the popular television show ‘South Park’ for seven years
1998 – Discovered a love of 3D street painting in her downtime
Attended international street painting festivals and events as the feature artist
Developed a client base for street painting in Turkey, France, Holland, Canada, and throughout US
Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and Pastel Society of the West Coast
Gold medals* – list of awards – only woman to receive the title of ‘maestro madonnari’ (Italy & Germany)
2010 – Featured Artist in Continental’s In-Flight Magazine
2008 – Founded the Street Painting Society – international community for street painters and fans
2008 – Created a tutorial Photoshop Painting DVD & street painting DVD with Planet Street Painting
2009 – Directed a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling on the streets of London, Canada.
Founded the Street Painting Academy to teach children about this time-honored tradition
2012 – Co-Founded We Talk Chalk – A Company specializing in 3D Street Painting.
Displayed her work at prominent Southern California Galleries
Gained recognition for her uncanny ability to portray classical, feminine imagery and perfect skin tones
Introduced ‘Live Streaming’** with her projects – video, web, photography, augmented reality
Works with a network of artists and professionals – artists, videographers, web designers, photographers,..
Loyal supporter of various non-profit organizations


2010 Gold Medal, Incontro Nazionale Madonnari, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy
2010 1st Place, Dutch Open Championship, Valkenburg, Holland
2010 3rd Place, Peoples Choice Award, Valkenburg, Holland
2008 3rd Place, Dutch Open Championship, Valkenburg, Holland
2008 Peoples Choice Award, Les Craies d’Azur, Nice, France
2006 Bronze Medal, Madonnari Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy
2004 1st Place, Strassenmaler Competition, Geldern, Germany
2003 1st Place, Strassenmaler Competition, Geldern, Germany
2003 Gold Medal, Madonnari Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy
2002 Gold Medal, Madonnari Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy

Looking for an Innovative Approach to Advertising?

Use Renaissance artistry in an innovative campaign – a combination of Baroque imagery and “Live Streaming.” Melanie employs modern technology to get your company’s message out to the public. She uses web, video, and photography to capture the street painting event.

The client and audience can view the whole process – ‘live’ from any location. Melanie and her professional team can embed the video (live stream) on your company website, advertise it on melaniestimmell.com, or upload the event to YouTube. ‘Live Streaming’ can be used to boost your business and impress your media-savvy customers.

Looking for a Versatile Artist to Collaborate with your Company?

Melanie epitomizes versatility. A Renaissance Artist Who Worked On “South Park!”
It Doesn’t Get Any More Versatile Than That!

Commission Melanie Stimmell Van Latum for your Corporate or Private Renaissance Art Project

Melanie Stimmell – Renaissance Artist – Street painter – Chalk Artist – Pavement Artist – Consultant – Art Educator
Melanie’s Expertise – Fine Art – Renaissance Street Painting -3D Street Painting – Collaborative Street Painting – Anamorphic Street Painting
Melanie’s Styles – Traditional Madonnari Style – Trompe L’oeil style – 3D anamorphic Style