3D Street Painting – Chalk Art by award winning Artist Melanie Stimmell

Via Colori, Houston

I have been a Via Colori Featured artist since their inception. For their 2010 5th anniversary I wanted to help create something really amazing for them so I designed an 1,800 square foot collaborative street painting to illustrate a hearing impaired child’s first moments of sound. The imagery symbolizes the wonderful work the Center of Hearing and Speech does to create those moments for a child.
I will be joined by four of Houston’s talented artists, Anat Ronen, Jessica Bennett, Lilibeth Andre, Iris Vanessa De la Cruz. Genna Panzarella, from Mill Valley, CA, Lysa Ashley, of Corona, CA and Lauren Garnett, of Lubbock, Texas, will also join this art league.

As part of the project I wanted to bring student artists in to participate in the creation of the work. So children from KIPP Houston will create a beautiful painted border to frame ‘The Art of Sound’

“Wow…I can’t even put my thoughts into coherent sentences. This is
utterly incredible Melanie. You constantly amaze me with your talents.”

Natalie Vuckovic
The Center for Hearing and Speech
email: nvuckovic@centerhearingandspeech.org
phone: (713)523-3633 ext. 118

Kerken Kijken, The Netherlands

The Kerken Kijken is a festival in Utrecht, Holland to celebrate the 12 churches of the city. Peter Westerink of Planet Street Painting, which whom I have a Trans-Atlantic street painting partnership, put together a large collaborative project. Their were 12 paintings painted by 12 international street painters, myself included. Each artist assigned a church and painting to represent it. Done on roofing paper because of the high probability of rain, the paintings were then displayed in their corresponding churches. This project took 3 days to complete and was viewable in person and via live webcam.

“Melanie Stimmell is a very gifted artist and Streetpainter extraordinaire. I had the pleasure of working with Melanie on two occasions in my hometown Utrecht, Holland, in 2003 and 2004. In my opinion, Melanie is not only an amazing artist, but the unique combinations of her artistry and spirit makes Melanie one of my favorite and most appreciated artists.”
Peter Westerink
The Netherlands
email: welcome@planetstreetpainting.com

Expressions in Chalk, Canada

Melanie has built a 4 year relationship with Expressions in Chalk of London, Canada. With them at their inception, Melanie has consulted with festival directors, lead chalk workshops for artists, and created original street paintings. Last year, she coordinated & lead a group of artists in reproducing the central ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on the streets of London, Canada for their 3rd annual Expressions in Chalk Street Painting Festival. The 18 x 92 foot painting included the most dramatic and recognizable images, from the Creation of Adam, to the Fall of Man. Melanie created a beautiful Fine Art reproduction of The Prophet Zechariahs, which was auctioned off during the 3 day event.

-As she started to outline her painting, I was impressed with the size of it, almost 18 ft in length. But the best was yet to come. She started painting the first angel’s face. It was magical to watch her as she brought it to live.”
Jan Smelser
Expression in Chalk
London, Canada
The Imadon Street Painting Group
email: imadon2006@yahoo.ca